Biographical Information
Physical Description
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Other Information
Magic Degree 3rd Degree
Family Mugla Hoorlick (cousin)

Tallin (cousin)

Yervokk is a third-degree dwarf mage who is briefly mentioned during the epilogue of Kathir's Redemption.

First Appearance Edit

Kathir's Redemption

Appearance Edit

Yervokk is fairly young by dwarf standards. His beard is still short.

Family Edit

He is Mugla's cousin and a distant cousin to Tallin.

History Edit

At the end of Kathir's Redemption, it is discovered that a new dwarf has shown signs of mageborn powers. Although pure-blooded dwarves cannot be mages, Yervokk is a cousin of Mugla, who has some elvish ancestry. He has since become an apprentice to Mugla.

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